All Heidi’s Healing Services are designed to restore the flow of energy and balance throughout the mind, body, and soul.  They are directly connected to your well-being as they focus on the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects. Activating the healing process from the inside–out.

Benefits of Heidi’s healing sessions:

  • Moving into liberating  yourselves  form Pain and Karma
  • Getting   to  Know yourself  better
  • Reclaiming   your own  identity
  • Strengthening  your Energetic Anatomy
  • Move into  Spiritual Freedom
  • Healing Physical pain coming from an emotional state
  • Healing mental, emotional  and physical pain coming from past life
  • and much more as you expand

Life -Soul Synergy  Coaching and Teachings

Our Life-Soul synergy Coaching and teachings are designed to  assist you in exploring  and discovering  the Infinite potential and creative power you have.

How to utilize them consciously, intentionally, purposefully and create your most desired results.

Clairvoyant  Reading and Healing

All Clairvoyant psychic reading, healing and teachings services can be performed over the phone or the internet. All sessions are confidential as are client lists and contact information.

Some of the kind of session we offer are:

  • General Readings
  • Past life Reading and Healing
  • House Clearing
  • Celestial introductions and more.

Akashic Records Reading – Healing

It’s a Sanskrit word that refers to a “body of mystical knowledge”. The Akashic Records are the record of every soul’s journey, from the time we first arise from The Source until we return home. No matter how new or ancient of a soul you are, the Akashic field holds the entirety of your thoughts, feelings, actions, and deeds from each lifetime. Many people imagine the energy of the Akasha as a library with each book representing a lifetime. Some people look at the Akashic Records as a computer with all your information stored in the hard drive. The truth is, the Akashic field is part of, and connected to the All; in everyone and everything.  You have your own masters, teachers, and beings of light that keep track of all your information, just for us.      By accessing  the  Akashic Records ,  we are able to ask  personal questions about this life and or past lives, which are affecting you today.

When you realize that you came into life with a plan, it is beneficial to access that plan’s information. We come to complete some Karma, fulfill our past life vows, be with someone special, and support people who are part of our soul family. The human challenge is that as soon as we’re born, we forget this plan. At times in our lives, we feel blocked, constricted, or disappointed because we don’t remember why we chose our families or situations. We may feel life is unfair or challenging. I access the Akashic Records to help you understand and learn from information about these situations as well as to heal and end emotional pain. You can ask questions about health, career, relationships, life purpose, self-esteem and abundance.

Biofield Tuning

It is based on the principle that everything in the Universe is made of vibration. Sound Healing is possible because our human bodies are not solid. Our bodies are rhythmic and harmonic. Dis-ease can indicate we have gone out of tune or the body’s vibrational rate has lost its rhythm. Biofield tuning can assist the immune system and help stimulate the body to heal itself. Because our bodies are made up of water, and water conducts sound, the body is an excellent resonator for sound. These vibratory sounds travel through the body help remove energetic blockages, thereby relieving stagnation, pain and increasing the flow of Chi

Biofield tuning enables the body to find balance and homeostasis. Homeostasis is fundamental to healing the physical, mental, and emotional bodies as it activates the healing deep into a cellular level. Biofield tuning is rich in resonance and vibration, connecting and supporting the body’s natural frequencies. The forks’ sound waves vibrate and travel deep within the body along energy pathways affecting the human physiology and accessing our sense of balance, space, memory, and healing. It stimulates and balances the body’s physical energy field to promote healing and inner harmony, helping us to integrate body, mind, and soul.

Some of these methods include:

  • Adrenal glands reset,
  • Brain waves balance,
  • Meridian Flush,
  • Relationship sessions,
  • Releasing Stress,

Breathwork Healing and Teaching

It is a powerful approach to self-exploration and healing that integrates insights from modern consciousness research, anthropology, various depth psychologies, eastern spiritual practices, and mystical traditions of the world. Breathwork is a potent modality that will help you move toward wholeness.  A breathwork session combines accelerated breathing with evocative music in a particular set and setting. With the person keeping their eyes closed while they lay on a mat, the person uses their own breath and the music in the room to enter a non-ordinary state of consciousness. This state of consciousness activates the individual’s psyche’s natural inner healing intelligence, bringing them into a particular set of internal experiences. “By moving into this state of wholeness, we can transcend the narrow boundaries of the body ego and reclaim our full identity.”

With Breathwork, inner wisdom uses the opportunity to work toward physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing and developmental change.

Reiki Healing and Teaching

“A spiritually guided life force energy.” It was developed by Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist, in 1922.  Rei means “God’s Wisdom” or  “Higher Power,” and Ki means ” Universal life for energy.” It is administered by “laying on hands or hands hovering right above your body.”
A  Reiki session feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. Reiki treats the person physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Reiki is a simple, natural, and safe modality of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use. It also works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery. We all deal with stressful situations on a daily basis. It can drain the body and  cause fatigue as well as overwhelm us. Reiki has the power to remove stress from the mind and tension from the body. Reiki also has the qualities and gentleness to transition people into the afterlife peacefully. Not only can it help those who are about to depart from this earth, but the alternative healing practice can assist those grieving a loved one as well. Reiki is not limited just to human beings; you can use the power of Reiki to heal animals, plants, bless your food, water, and even physical spaces.

Meditation Healing and Teaching

They are many types of meditation; mindful, spiritual, movement, mantra, transcendental, visualization, sound, and so on. We can meditate sitting, lying down, or even while standing. There is no good or bad way to meditate. Meditation has the power to relax brainwave patterns. Through regular practice of meditation, you can overcome mental, emotional, physical and spiritual challenges in your life –where anxiety decreases,  and emotional stability increases.

Integrated Postural -Structural Body Alignment

“Your Posture is the  reflection  of the Health “  – Heidi  M. Morrison

  • Medical – Post-Rehabilitation
  • Corrective Exercises
  • Massage Therapy (structural alignment – rehabilitation)

 We specialized on providing the human anatomy, the correct Flexibility, Stability and Muscle Strength based on your body needs. All our programs are Safe & Effective.

We focus and specialist  on:

  • Spinal Stabilization (lumbar, thoracic and cervical)
  • Joint Stabilization (ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists )
  • Integrated Core strength exercises
  • Activities of Daily Living exercises
  • Balance training
  • PNF Exercises (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation)
  • Functional Strength Training
  • Self -myofascial release
  • Flexibility Training
 “The same way a machine like your car needs maintenance, alignment, and repair our wonderful machine that is our  Physical body, needs it too.”-Heidi  M. Morrison
structural body

Customized  Program                                                                                           
We will develop a customized exercise program for you that include stretching and  strengthening. This Program is designed to target the root of the deviations listed. The goal is to balance the activity of opposing muscle groups acting on your joints and/or body segments in order to return you to correct posture. Problems in posture may be related to some muscles being over-developed and needing to be stretched, and others being weak and needing to be strengthened.

How do I get Started?                                                                                        
Start by making an appointment  for a Consultation – Assessment with Heidi to determine your wants as well as your needs (Health History, Goals, flexibility level, structural  body alignment, fitness level and more). After that is completed, Heidi will begin to develop your program and get you started.