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About The Author

Heidi M. Morrison

Heidi M. Morrison is the creator and founder of Heidi Morrison Teachings with “Healing the Healer Inside You.” She was born and brought up in Lima, Peru. She grew up in a musical family and played piano in concerts from the age of 5 until 15.

At the age of 15, she entered the fitness industry. She was teaching a variety of aerobic classes, as well as participated in group aerobic competitions, and had the opportunity to host an Aerobic Fitness TV show in Lima-Peru. Heidi then, moved to California and became a Sports Medicine trainer. It was always about looking for more efficient ways to help herself and her clients. Therefore, she continued to learn and went on to become a Corrective Exercise Specialist, Medical Exercise Specialist, and Massage Therapist.

The author started to learn about the Mind and its connection with the sub-conscience, using different types of meditation techniques and Spiritual Healing Modalities. Heidi is a formally trained Akashic Records Practitioner, Reiki Master, Medium, Breath-work Teacher and Facilitator, Biofield Tuning Practitioner, and a Clairvoyant Reader, Healer, and Teacher. As a former Energy worker, Heidi M. Morrison can teach complex topics in layman’s terms. Today, Heidi is an epitome of knowledge acquired through long-time education, life lessons, and experiences.

Heidi M. Morrison facilitates the Healing process at the cellular level- Activating, Reprograming, Aligning, and Integrating all energetic bodies. With decades of experience under her belt, she aims to teach and guide people so that they can achieve all of their aspirations.

 “The purpose of my life is to share my wisdom and knowledge, and to assist others in their journey of realizing their sole purpose.” – Heidi M. Morrison