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Healing The Healer Inside You

In this book, the author Heidi M. Morrison takes the opportunity of sharing lessons she has received from Spiritual Masters of the Ancient Wisdom. Beings of Light and Love had come in one form into the author’s life, guiding her with their teachings through dreams, vivid pictures, words and telepathic conversations on how to heal and align back into her path.



Heidi Morrison Teachings

About The Author

Heidi M. Morrison

Heidi M. Morrison is the creator and founder of Heidi Morrison Teachings with “Healing the Healer Inside You.” She was born and brought up in Lima, Peru. She grew up in a musical family and played piano in concerts from the age of 5 until 15.

At the age of 15, she entered the fitness industry. She was teaching a variety of aerobic classes, as well as participated in group aerobic competitions, and had the opportunity to host an Aerobic Fitness TV show in Lima-Peru. Heidi then, moved to California and became a Sports Medicine trainer. It was always about looking for more efficient ways to help herself and her clients.

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Why Read It?

Healing the Healer Inside You

“Healing the Healer Inside You “puts forward the questions often ignored by society. Many of us believe that the physical realm we live in is all that there is. They are completely unaware of the beauty and marvel of the universe.

This book aims to guide you in understanding the workings of our mind, body, soul, and how everything is interconnected with the universe. It’s here to help people transition from the Era of Pisces to the Era of Aquarius

This Book answers the why, what and how human beings, as well all universal life works.   All that you must know and not ignore.

Some of the lessons  you will learn:

  • Why we suffer and How to Liberate ourselves from Pain and Karma,
  • How to enjoy Playing the Game of Life   and the Core Ground Rules within and without,
  • How to Know, Trust  and Love ourselves and Reclaim  our own  Identity,
  • The Basics of Energy,  Chakras, and Aura,
  • How to move into Spiritual Freedom,

Practical tools to reprogram yourself, Breathing, Meditation exercises, and much more.


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Healing the Healer Inside You

The author Heidi M. Morrison philosophy states :

“At the core, everything begins with the relationship we have and built within ourselves. When this relationship doesn’t exist (either it is ignored or abandoned) or is not healthy, that is when we start experiencing pain, anxiety, and disease”

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“By focusing all our energies on ourselves and become better human beings, the world will be a better place to live for all of us.” –  Heidi M. Morrison


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